At Advanced Tech Ltd, we only sell high-quality equipment with dependable manufacturer warranties. 

With all our installations, we provide high-quality products from reputable suppliers with whom we have a long history and are all accredited in the industry. Most systems have a ten-year guarantee and provide a web-based monitoring platform that allows you to monitor and operate the system. Advanced Tech Ltd is NAPIT and RECC registered. 

Why You Should Consider Solar PV 

Lowers your annual energy expenses by up to 70% 
Protects against volatile energy prices, enabling you to stabilise and reduce costs. 
There is no effect on aesthetics and no noise pollution 
It lessens your dependency on fossil fuels 
It lowers your carbon impact 
Encourages environmental stewardship 
System stability and grid independence 

Battery Storage 

Take charge today and obtain energy autonomy. Throughout the day, your solar PV system generates power, and any excess is sent to the grid. Solar battery storage systems allow you to store excess power and utilise it when you require it the most. Based on your current consumption, our consultants evaluate your battery storage requirements and give you a no-obligation quote suited to your specific needs. 

Why You Should Consider Battery Storage 

Some energy suppliers may pay you to store extra grid electricity in your battery 
Increases your self-sufficiency because you won't have to rely on obtaining power from the grid as much when you're not producing, lowering your home's carbon imprint. 
They may allow you to take advantage of low-cost power 
Battery storage typically requires little maintenance 
Allows you to use more of the power you create while saving money on your energy bill. 

There are many different solar PV solutions are available. We are happy to provide you with a no-obligation consultation to help guide you with your options. 

Contact us to discuss your requirements or request a free quotation. 
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